Bus/Vehicle Purchasing and GPS Systems

In need of a School bus for your district?
The OSC School Bus Purchasing Program provides members with savings of up to $1,500 per unit purchased, plus savings in administrative time and the cost of legal notices!

Semi-annually, in the spring and fall, the OSC develops specifications, advertises, bids and analyzes bus bids for school districts. Spring bus bids opened on April 11. If you are interested in purchasing a school bus for your district, email Kelly Rocco at krocco@osconline.org.

Spring 2019 Bus Bid Letter to Superintendents
OSC Bus Survey  (Due 1/30/19)
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Bus Type Classification
School Bus Purchasing Calendar
School Bus Purchasing Committee
Summary of Spring 2017-18 School Buses Purchased



Annually, school districts purchase over 100 buses through the OSC Bus Purchasing Program. Semi-annually, in the spring and fall, the OSC develops specifications, advertises, bids and analyzes bus and vehicle bids for school districts.  Districts select and award bids based upon their specific needs. The OSC Bus Purchasing Program provides its members with savings of up to $1,500 per unit purchased, not to mention the savings in administrative time and the cost of legal notices. OSC committee members develop the specifications, and the OSC places the legal advertisement, opens the bids and provides each district with an individualized school bus/school vehicle bid summary, ready for board action.



Education Logistics (Edulog) has more than 35 years of experience in pupil transportation. Their school routing management software and services continue to set new standards with innovative technology and easy-to-use applications. Edulog’s GPS solutions give school districts real-time information that makes routing and planning more efficient than ever. Integrated school bus GPS tracking systems and student ridership solutions improve safety by keeping school staff and parents informed and aware. Edulog’s easy-to-use tablet systems for navigation, student ridership, and driver log-ins bring buses into the “internet of things” and enhance service to the community and provide greater accountability.

For more information, contact Sara Mihailovich at smihailovich@edulog.com or (406) 728-0893.

Tyler Technologies has been working with Transportation Directors, Business Managers, and Superintendents at school districts to help enhance safety, efficiency, and transparency of their transportation operations for over 30 years. Tyler Technologies offers the only single source platform on the market, meaning they address all of the key elements of school transportation: automated field trips, fleet management, GPS asset tracking, student tracking, and more. By providing software systems that give school transportation officials access to the data they need – such as stop location, student time spent on the bus, each student’s assigned school and vehicle mechanics — Tyler Technologies’ student transportation management software helps districts effectively manage students’ transportation, ultimately helping to ensure student safety. Tyler has focused its domain expertise toward the sole purpose of providing the most intuitive, most innovative and most efficient school transportation management software solution to school districts of all sizes across the country. Tyler Technologies is the only company offering a complete student transportation management software solution, one that can help districts improve every aspect of the transportation process — or focus on just one piece. Each installation is customized to fit the district’s unique needs and clients have access to our world-class support services.

For more information, contact Daniel Kinsley at Daniel.Kinsley@tylertech.com
or 800.433.5530 ext. 131930.

Need to keep track of your new bus? We have a program for that, too! Our partners at Zonar can provide GPS units for school buses and other district vehicles to help locate vehicles in real time, track routes, monitor timing of routes and more!

Zonar’s V3 GPS tracking device leads the industry with “high-resolution GPS” data that not only shows the current location of all of your vehicles, but their entire path for every single trip, with all vehicle activity – start, stop, idle, braking, harsh braking, and accessory use – tracked and pinpointed on a map. All GPS data is stored for a full year. All Zonar data is also available via API, for integration with your preferred routing application, maintenance software, accounting system, payroll software, etc. Through the Zonar Connect Android tablet and EVIR inspection technology, drivers can perform fully electronic verified inspections (the only system in the USA that can!), provide accurate student ridership counts, get turn by turn driving directions, complete and file electronic forms and provide electronic driver timecard data. For Student Tracking, Zonar provides the Z Pass, which provides administrators with detailed student ridership information. This information can be used to help find lost students, measure the efficiency of bus routes, and file for Medicaid reimbursements.

For more information, contact James Fantich at james.fantich@zonarsystems.com or (877) 843-3847.