Bus/Vehicle Purchasing and GPS Systems

The OSC Bus Purchasing Program provides its members with savings of up to $1,500 per unit
purchased, plus the time and cost of individually bidding buses and running legal advertisements.

OSC Partner BusConduct is a comprehensive solution designed to provide structured, effective, and efficient
management of transportation referrals. The application goes beyond traditional referral processes, empowering
drivers by involving them in new ways.
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Questions about bus bids, GPS Solutions or purchases, contact Kelly Rocco at 216-447-3100, ext. 6101.

Ohio Schools Council bids gasoline and diesel fuel semi-annually as a fixed-price differential based on the daily contract average O.P.I.S. price. This fixed-price differential includes state and PAT tax, as well as the inspection/spill fee. Delivery terms are next day, or same day for emergency orders.

OSC bids 87, 89 and 93 octane gasoline, 40, 45 and 50 cetane diesel fuel and heating oil.

As a result of our volume purchasing power, OSC was able to again secure competitive pricing on diesel fuel with Lykins, averaging 0.4095 – 0.5271 in discounts per gallon compared to retail prices. Last year, 38 members save approximately $1,859,045.52 using the OSC diesel bid.

OSC’s prices average 21% less than retail prices for the Midwest!

Increase your fuel economy while reducing carbon pollution and maintenance costs through OSC’s Clean Diesel Program. Colonial Oil Industries’ pre-treated Eco Supreme product demonstrates up to a 3.5% increase in fuel economy. Districts that participate also receive free monitoring sensors for their fuel tanks.

Contact OSC Program Manager, Kelly Rocco, at
krocco@osconline.org or (216) 447-3100 x 6101 to learn more.

Need to keep track of your new bus? We have a program for that, too! Our partners at Zonar Systems and Education Logistics, Inc. (EDULOG) can provide GPS units for school buses and other district vehicles to help locate vehicles in real time, track routes, idle time, monitor timing of routes and more! In addition to GPS systems, Radio Engineering Industries, Inc. (REI®) provide state-of-the-art camera systems.
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With new partnerships through Transfinder and Edulog, districts can manage and optimize their bus routes through robust fleet management, field trip management and other critical transportation software programs.

Better handle complex transportation and food service shifts, custodial staffing and substitute management at a 25% discounted rate through OSC’s partnership with TimeClock Plus. TimeClock Plus, now known as TCP Software (TCP), has been providing workforce management solutions including scheduling for over 32 years.
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OSC Preferred Partner FMX provides Facility Management solutions that are purpose-built for K-12 schools. Districts can manage all of their facilities, maintenance, and operational processes to improve communication, collaboration and efficiency.
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