School Emergency Plan Services

Expanding on the successful School Emergency Plan Services program launched last August, the OSC is excited to expand the program to include School Security Assessments. The new assessments will examine your district’s approaches in addressing prevention, mitigation and recovery of potential hazards. Along with identifying security gaps, the assessment will also provide an improved emergency operations plan. The assessment process will be designed in collaboration with school administrators.
• Expert assistance with state compliance
• Building Security Assessments
• Examination of all pertinent documents
• Interviews with front desk staff
• Networking with other districts and first responders
• Active Shooter Training
• Pre-evaluation of emergency plan documents
• Hands-on assistance in complying with the new requirements
• Special instruction for uploading required data into SAFE
• Workshops on relevant emergency plan topics
• Assistance in complying with new floor/site plan requirements
• 24/7 telephone and email service
Call us at 216-447-3100 for a School Security Audit and we’ll analyze
your building security and offer your district a comprehensive and detailed report. For additional questions, please email Larry Tomec at

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