1. Description of Services

The Ohio Schools Council (the “OSC”) in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Sections 153.65 through 153.71 intends to pre-qualify and enter into a contract with professional design firms for the purpose of obtaining professional design services on behalf of OSC members for energy management, mechanical servicing and integrated facility services (“Professional Design Services”).

  1. Scope of Services

The Professional Design Services may include but are not limited to: evaluating current facilities; development of conceptual plans, specifications and design criteria; assisting the Owner in evaluating statements of qualifications and technical and pricing proposals of a construction manager at risk and/or design-builder (where those delivery methods are used); standard design and construction document phase services; bidding/negotiation/GMP proposal phase, construction phase, closeout phase and post-closeout phase services; and such additional and/or reasonably inferable services as may be necessary or appropriate.


III.      Minimum Qualifications

Responding firms must have: (1) a minimum of five years’ experience in the energy management and mechanical services industry; (2) a minimum of five years providing Integrated Facility Services; (3) a minimum of two architects/engineers licensed by the State of Ohio; and (4) a minimum of five professionals on staff that are Certified Energy Engineers with Association of Energy Engineers.


  1. Evaluation Criteria for Selection

Statements of qualifications should describe the firm’s capabilities to provide the services, and the statements of qualifications should include: information addressing the firm’s Minimum Qualifications as set forth in Part III of this Request for Qualifications; information regarding the history of the firm; the technical training, education and experience of owners and key personnel who will be assigned to perform services; the technical training, education and experience of the firm’s current staff; relevant past work and performance of the firm’s prospective consultants and the firm’s previous experience when working with its proposed consultants; the firm’s experience in performing engineering studies and construction administration; availability of staff; the firm’s equipment and facilities; the location, availability and accessibility of facilities and equipment to support staff activities; experience in new construction, renovation and additions; specification writing credentials and experience; experience with working within the design-build, construction management at risk, general contracting and/or multiple prime contractor delivery methods; services the firm typically performs in-house versus services that the firm typically performs through a consultant; the firm’s record keeping, reporting, monitoring and other information management systems, including the scheduling and cost control systems;

any previous work performed in connection with school districts or any other political subdivisions; and other similar information.  Extensive marketing materials and brochures are not desired.


  1. Submittal Instructions

Firms interested in being considered should reply with submission of one electronic copy to ltomec@osconline.org and one individually bound statements of qualifications to:


Ohio Schools Council
6393 Oak Tree Blvd, Suite 377
Independence, Ohio 44131
Attention:  Larry Tomec, Director of Business

The deadline for submission is not later than 4:00 P.M., Eastern Standard Time, on June 5, 2020.  Statements of qualifications received after this date and time will not be accepted.

 Responding firms will be evaluated separately and ranked in order of their qualifications.  As part of this evaluation, the OSC may hold interviews with individual firms.  The OSC expects to enter into contract negotiations with the firm ranked most qualified to perform the services needed, and the contract negotiations will include establishing the firm’s rate structure for providing the services to the OSC’s members.  It is expected that the term of the contract shall be for no more than two years.


  1. Questions

Questions regarding interpretation of the content of this Request for Qualifications must be directed via email  to: ltomec@osconline.org.

Answers to any questions shall be in writing and shall be posted on the Owner’s webpage at www.osconline.org.  The name of the party submitting the question will not be identified in the answers.


The Owner will also endeavor to notify firms who are on record with the Owner as having received a copy of this Request for Qualifications when an update has been posted to the Owner’s webpage.  It is therefore imperative that firms provide full and accurate contact information to the Owner, including e-mail addresses.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, firms will be presumed to have actual knowledge of all information posted on the Owner’s webpage relating to this RFQ, and firms shall not avail themselves of incomplete knowledge and/or lack of familiarity of this RFQ and any addenda thereto resulting from the firm’s failure to register with the Owner or to check the Owner’s webpage.  Interpretations, corrections and changes of the RFQ which are made in any manner other than a written addendum will not be binding.

Firms considering responding to this Request For Qualifications are strictly prohibited from communicating with any member of Owner’s staff or representatives of the Owner except as set forth in this Part VI.

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