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The OSC has dozens of programs designed to help your district with Operational Support. Whether your project is big or small, we are here to help save your district time and money. See below to learn more.


Districts seeking Architectural and Engineering services can contract without going through the RFQ process, with GPD or Fanning Howey directly for services under the terms of newly-negotiated contracts.
Services include assessing current facilities, master planning, programming, development of conceptual plans, specifications and design criteria, technology, sound and lighting, and more! Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance/WTI provide industry-leading roofing provides world-class diagnostics, repair, and maintenance services, and Field Advisors who are among the most highly trained roofing experts in the country.  



In an ongoing effort to expand our portfolio of cooperative purchasing programs, Ohio Schools Council is offering a HVAC, LED Lighting & Building Solutions Program through Gardiner. This program offers customized building solutions that meet a wide range of needs and requirements while also balancing cost and quality to provide the lowest Total Cost of Ownership. Benefits to members include:

  • Custom Designed Solutions – intensive discovery process in order to develop optimized solutions for each individual member based on that member’s current system, financial goals, and strategic objectives. Gardiner’s process begins with a full comprehensive audit of all existing equipment and places a special focus on making sure your building systems operate with the lowest total cost of ownership for you.
  • Energy & Operating Cost Savings – Gardiner’s solutions can often be self-funding and result in energy efficiency improvements and operating cost savings. Improvements can include HVAC system upgrades, LED lighting retrofits, other energy conservation measures and even renewable energy systems.
  • Competitive Pricing – aggressive discounting structure exclusively for Ohio School Council members on Gardiner’s full line of products and services that is 2.5 – 5.25% lower than the manufacturer’s published national cooperative pricing schedule.
  • A Robust Portfolio of Products & Services – a full line of HVAC equipment and supplies, professional services which includes repair, intelligent services, water treatment, and a host of building solutions such as automation and controls, building analytics, and supply side energy management.
  • Financing Mechanisms​​​​ – expertise in assisting members with securing financing for their building projects. Gardiner provides a variety of financing tools including government procurement options and shared savings programs.
  • Account Management – a strict and detailed process to manage customer accounts, from planning and initial implementation to regular equipment audits to ensure customer satisfaction and ongoing communication.


OSC New Program Announcement: Clean Air Program for K-12 Schools

The OSC in partnership with GARDINER is excited to announce the OSC Clean Air Program for K-12 schools.

GARDINER has been a leader in the Ohio market around Indoor Air Quality for decades, offering technologies, strategies and solutions to help keep buildings healthy. Now those products and services are available to Ohio Schools Council members at discounts ranging from 15-45%. Services include: Ventilation & Humidity Control, Filtration upgrades, Needlepoint Bipolar ionization technology, Ultraviolet Technology and more. Click here to learn more.

Download HVAC Program Overview & Discount Catalog



Finding Leaders helps recruit the best possible candidates for all types of school leadership positions. The process is focused on comprehensive recruiting, staff and community engagement and a strategic interviewing process.

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The OSC, in partnership with Sheakley Uniservice, is excited to offer a traditional Group Rating Program, as well as Retrospective Group Rating Program for districts that do not qualify for the traditional group rated program. Members are projected to save as much as 57%.

The OSC, in partnership with American Fidelity, offers – at no cost to schools or employees – Section 125, FSA and HSA administration including flexible spending account, risk management, plan documents, annual updates, administrative guides and IRS updates.


PRG is a national leader in providing school districts a Healthcare Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) through The PRIME Choice Plan for retiree’s Separation Pay. Separation Pay can include Sick Pay, Vacation Pay, Early Retirement Incentive Plans and others. The PRIME Choice Plan offers a Tax-Free option for healthcare expenses in addition to a 403b Special Pay Plan’s Tax-Deferred option for your retiree’s Separation Pay. For questions, Brent Sampson at PRG can be reached at 1-801-669-3593 or by email at bsampson@prginfo.net.


The OSC, in partnership with American Fidelity, offers – at no cost to schools or employees – Section 125, FSA and HSA administration including flexible spending account, risk management, plan documents, annual updates, administrative guides and IRS updates.

Our partners at 1-888-OHIOCOMP provide managed care programming designed to more closely manage workers’ compensation injuries and costs and return-to-work outcomes without compromising quality of care.



OSC Waste & Recycling Services contract saves 5 districts over $27K! There are currently 16 counties of OSC membership that can compare and join the OSC program/contract!

Check out some recent savings from our members for 9 months of waste and recycling services (districts traditionally reduce services when school is not in session so summer period was not included in savings):

  • A parochial school in Cuyahoga County is saving $3,600.
  • 1 district in Lorain County is saving $6,565.55 and another is saving $12,017.52.
  • 1 district in Mahoning County has a contract through the end of 2022; they will save $3,432.38.
  • 1 district in Cuyahoga County with 1 building waste and recycling is saving $1,845.25Waste Management: Clark, Cuyahoga, Erie, Geauga, Hancock, Huron, Lake, Licking, Mahoning, Medina, Ottawa, Portage, Richland, Summit and Wood. Republic Services: Lorain County

Contact Kelly Rocco at (216) 447-3100 ext. 6101 for pricing in your area.

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