Operational Support

The OSC has dozens of programs designed to help your district with Operational Support. Whether your project is big or small, we are here to help save your district time and money. See below to learn more.


Districts looking at larger scale energy construction or HB 264 projects can benefit from the OSC’s Engineering and Construction Management program. Through our Preferred Partner, Brewer-Garrett, districts can take advantage of the Guaranteed Maximum Pricing and Energy Savings Guarantee on many projects within the engineering and construction process.


Phone companies are eliminating analog services – phone lines, alarms, and T-1 circuits – Prices for these services have increased drastically, and support has decreased. Take advantage of a FREE Telecom Analysis and discounted pricing through OSC Preferred Partner, Commtrol.


The Ohio Schools Council, in conjunction with Finding Leaders, help recruit the best possible candidates for all types of school leadership positions. The process is focused on comprehensive recruiting, staff and community engagement and a strategic interviewing process.

Current Searches

District: Berea City Schools
Position: Treasurer
Deadline: July 27, 2018
Apply Herehttp://www.findingleaders.com/




OSC, in partnership with Sheakley Uniservice, is excited to offer a traditional Group Rating Program as well as Retrospective Group Rating Program for districts that do not qualify for the traditional group rated program. Members are projected to save as much as 57%.

OSC in partnership with American Fidelity, offers – at no cost to schools or employees – Section 125, FSA and HSA administration including flexible spending account, risk management, plan documents, annual updates, administrative guides and IRS updates. Representatives will educate and enroll employees into the plan.

Our partners at 1-888-OHIOCOMP and CompManagement provide managed care programming designed to more closely manage workers’ compensation injuries and costs and return-to-work outcomes without compromising quality of care.

Contact OSC Director of Business Services, Larry Tomec, at ltomec@osconline.org or (216) 447-3100 x 6113 to learn more.

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