Utility/Energy Efficiency

With today’s school budgeting challenges, it’s imperative to take advantage of every opportunity to manage expenses — especially energy expenses. Ohio Schools Council is here to help.

Whether you are comparing pricing or in need of an energy audit, we make it a priority to ensure you are taking advantage of the lowest rates and being billed accurately. Our members benefit from a wide range of services, including: lower rates, billing audits, PUCO representation and more!



The OSC’s Natural Gas Program supplies natural gas to 150+ districts in Dominion East Ohio (DEO) and Columbia Gas of Ohio (COH) territories, saving them thousands of dollars annually. The OSC Natural Gas Program members saved $5.8 million over the last 5 years!

April 2016 new pricing model is approximately $1.44/Dth lower than the Columbia Gas of Ohio’s current SSO (standard service offer) and $0.34/Dth lower than the Dominion East Ohio’s current SSO.

• Level Billing
• Competitive Pricing
• Dedicated professionals monitor billing accuracy

Along with partners OSBA, OASBO and BASA, the OSC provides a volume purchasing discount with FirstEnergy Solutions for a full electric product covering the cost of electric generation, transmission and capacity through December 31, 2019.

Beginning June 2017, P4S member districts will pay $0.0518/kWh for full service electricity through the end of the agreement in 2019.

The P4S Program has not only saved school districts millions of dollars in the past, but has also leveraged the strength of over 250 school districts in representing the interests of students and taxpayers before the PUCO (Public Utilities Commission of Ohio).

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