Notice to Bidders: OSC/UPC Paper Products Bid

Notice to Vendors

The Ohio Schools Council, a Regional Council of Governments, located at 6393 Oak Tree Boulevard, Suite 377, Independence, Ohio  44131 (216) 447-3100, in conjunction with the Unified Purchasing Cooperative (UPC) located at 7615 Harrison Avenue, Mt. Healthy, Ohio  45231 (513) 728-7924, will be accepting BIDS for paper products on behalf of their school district, municipality and non-profit organization members.

Vendors interested in participating in these bids must obtain the bid documents by contacting UPC at (513) 728-7924 and returning the documents prior to the bidding deadline, Wednesday, October 10, 2018 @ 2:00 p.m. EST via the Onehub website (

The Ohio Schools Council is a voluntary organization of school districts, municipalities and other non-profit organizations.  The Council functions under its own stated procedures and general conditions for securing competitive quotations on products to be purchased by its members.

William J. Zelei
Executive Director
p.d./t.b. September 21, 2018

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