Legal Services

Take advantage of the Ohio Schools Council Legal Services. Gain access to seasoned legal professionals at up to 26% off the average hourly attorney rate!

Legal Hotline

The Ohio Schools Council Legal “Hotline” Service provides ready access to experienced attorneys who specialize in school law. The hotline is designed to supplement and enhance a district’s legal resource options up to 26% off the average hourly attorney rate. OSC retains the services of

Peters Kalail & Markakis Co., L.P.A.

The hotline is available at the following tiered fee options:
10 hours of consultation: $2,650
15 hours of consultation: $3,750
20 hours of consultation: $4,700

All Hotline Members and their administrative staff can also take advantage of a FREE 1/2-Day Fall Legal Seminar each year.

Contact OSC Office Manager, Kelly Rocco, at or
(216) 447-3100 x 6101 to learn more.

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