Power4Schools Electricity Information and Update
You have always received phone calls about purchasing electricity from another entity rather than using Power4Schools.  More recently, the number of calls has likely increased. Unfortunately, there is no good way to prevent the calls from other parties. Power4Schools (P4S) understands that these entities are pitching the idea that there is huge savings available if you use them rather than P4S. So let’s review some facts. Read More.

Nationally-Bid Co-Op Purchasing (AEPA)

Through the Ohio Council of Educational Purchasing Consortia (OCEPC), the Ohio Schools Council joined with other states to secure national pricing through the Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies (AEPA).

AEPA Contracts meet Ohio bidding requirements and offer competitive, national pricing. Best Part? All OSC members can take advantage of the negotiated pricing.

Contact OSC Cooperative Purchasing Program Manager, Tami Perkins, at
tperkins@osconline.org or (216) 447-3100 x 6103 to learn more.


  • Administrative Software
  • Athletic Field Turf
  • Athletic & Recreational Lighting
  • Classroom Instructional Supplies
  • Copiers
  • Custodial Restroom & Break Room
  • Furniture
  • Hardwood & Synthetic Flooring
  • Industrial Arts & Career Supplies
  • Interactive Classroom/Meeting Presentation Technology
  • Kitchen Supplies & Equipment
  • Live Finger Print Scan & Palm Scan
  • Maintenance, Repair and Operating
  • Mobile Learning Solutions
  • Office Supplies
  • Roofing & Building Envelope
  • Scoreboards and Marquee Signage
  • Safety Supplies
  • Sports Equipment
  • Technology Products
  • Track & Court Surfaces
  • Walk-Through Metal Detectors

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