OSC Demand Response Program

OSC Launches Demand Response Program designed to provide direct payments to your District

The program offered by OSC & CPower has No Cost, No out of pocket Penalties, No additional Equipment* and generates Energy Savings Checks to participants!

In partnership with COSE and CPower Energy Management, the OSC offers a Demand Response (DR) program which can provide direct payments to your district simply by reducing energy use during a test or emergency event. Each district can participate at its own level of curtailment and comfort with the 2-year program. Through participation and compliance to program details, OSC districts will receive an energy savings check quarterly from CPower.



About CPower Energy Management
CPower is the leading Demand Response provider in the Ohio and Midwest market, managing thousands of facilities each year.  Participation in the Demand Response Program offered by the OSC & CPower has No Cost, No out of pocket Penalties and requires No additional Equipment* while generating Energy Savings Checks to participants.

*Sites will need a utility interval meter to capture compliance data. If interval meter is not installed CPower will provide upon District approval. No additional equipment will be installed without district consent. 

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