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Vendor Spotlight: Partnership renewed with PublicSchoolWORKS

  • Category: Financial Software/Tech Support

Ohio Schools Council and PublicSchoolWORKS are proud to announce the extension of our 12-year partnership. Since 2008, and through our combined efforts, Ohio Schools Council and PublicSchoolWORKS continually ensure your district is staying ahead of the trends while helping you navigate through changes.

OSC and PublicSchoolWORKS are passionate in the belief that schools that are free of harm, intimidation, and risk, create a positive environment for sustained learning, growth, and well-being and work every day to make sure districts have the resources they need to achieve these outcomes.

“Over the last decade, our relationship with PublicSchoolWORKS has been an exemplary example of bringing unrivaled, compliant, best in class solutions to our members, at an extremely competitive price,” said Larry Tomec, Director of Business Services of OSC.

“By partnering with Ohio Schools Council, we were afforded an avenue for PublicSchoolWORKS to better reach their members as we advanced in our mission to improve school safety, ”said Tom Strasburger, Vice President, Strategic Alliances.

With a 97% retention rate, PublicSchoolWORKS lifetime commitment drives positive student and staff outcomes.

“My appreciation for PublicSchoolsWORKS is extensive and I have no doubt they are impacting the safety of my students and staff. From staying on top of new mandates to developing new tools to address unique situations such as COVID to their unbelievable customer support – they just take care of us, so we don’t have to worry about any of it.” said Dr. Paul A. Lombardo, Assistant Superintendent of HR and Operations Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

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