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“Back to School Safely: Communicating Effectively Amid a Pandemic”

You’re preparing for a school year unlike any we have experienced. Make sure your communications are up to the challenge and that your most important stakeholders – teachers, staff, students and parents – walk away from your messages with the same takeaway: This is the school where I want to be because this is a school that knows what it’s doing.

On Tuesday, July 7, Thom Fladung, managing partner of Hennes Communications, will lead a webinar on applying crisis communications best practices to your back to school challenges. Cleveland-based Hennes is one of the few firms in North America focused exclusively on crisis management and communications. Hennes has worked with schools across Greater Cleveland and nationally helping educators faced with reputation-defining situations.

The fast-paced webinar will emphasize practical tips and pragmatic tools that you can use to help:

  • Talk about your school’s greatest value proposition today: safety.
  • Communicate forthrightly about uncertainty, provide reassurance – but avoid the pitfalls of over-reassuring, the single most common crisis communication mistake.
  • Express transparency with purpose: what you know, what you’re doing – and what you don’t know.
  • Prepare for the uncomfortable questions.
  • Show – not just tell – your stakeholders that you’re ready.

Date: Tuesday, July 7; 10 am